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Watch the Clouds Roll By
Since everyone else is sharing, I will too. Anyone want anything? I can make more than just deer.

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Ug... stupid City. Make up your damn mind, would ya?

Eh.... so who's still here?
Watch the Clouds
Not going. Too troublesome.

I'm gonna take a nap.
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Dunno what I did to deserve that...

Anyway, Ino, Sakura, Sai, Naruto. Here's something for the holidays.

[ooc: Not being the most holiday-oriented sort, Shika has left cards and candy-canes on people's doorsteps.]
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Christmas again, huh? I hope Chouji and everyone else back home is alright

Might as well make a list, I guess.

Locked/Shika's ListCollapse )
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[Accidental Voice-Post;]

*The sound of a muffled crash as the voicepost cuts on, making it seem as though the laptop was knocked off and jolted into V-post mode. You can hear slightly laboured breathing and some faint groaning.*

.....not good....gotta....get to the door....

*What sounds like something being dragged across the floor, amidst some more groaning. There is a scratching of fingers against the door and the click as a lock slides into place, followed by a heavy sigh and some coughing.*

...'sbetter....symptoms...match, can't.... risk it....

[End Voice-post]

[ooc: OK, so Shika is infected with the T-virus and, upon recognizing his own symptoms from reading the network, he has elected to lock himself into his room to try and protect anyone else he might come in contact with, hoping it's all just a curse.]

How Troublesome is it?: sick sick

Watch the Clouds
Jeez... I get back and all this stuff happens....

Ok, I'm no good with medical jutsu, but I've got some stuff from Narake so I can at least replenish bloodloss and a couple other things like that.

Is everything here so troublesome all the time? I'm starting to think so...
Watch the Clouds

adfh erpobfkgfad agadafdf

[ooc; So Shika got (somehow) shoved into a deer costume and is now a deer, hence not able to type properly. So anyone who wants to say they saw him roaming around, feel free.]
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Well that kindof sucked. Glad it's over with now. Naruto, Ino, Hinata, you guys back to normal, I'm guessing.

[Private to Ino/Hackable]

You gonna be ok? Sorry I had to hit you, but you understand why.

[Locked to Konoha-nin and Allies/Unhackable;]

So I'm sure everyone's seen this by now. I don't know about all of you, but I'm not feeling too quick to trust an Akatsuki, regardless of how much validity his point makes.

He's right about Millenium. The way they are now, they're almost a greater threat to us than the Akatsuki OR the Sound.
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*snoring, followed by a grumbling muttered complaint.*

G'way...going back to sleep...

*more snoring.*


[ooc: Affected? I'll let you figure it out. ^__^ ]
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