Watch the Clouds Roll By

Nara Shikamaru
*WARNING. This bio may contain spoilers for the Naruto TV series and Naruto manga.*

Mendokuse....all I really wanted to do was have a nice life. Marry a woman who's neither ugly or beautiful, have two kids. First a girl, then a boy. I'd retire from my shinobi duties when my daughter gets married and my son gets a job, then spend the rest of my life playing shogi on the porch before dying before my wife.
Basic Information

Name: Nara Shikamaru
Name Meaning: Shika means deer, a reference to the deer that the Nara family raise. Maru means 'well-rounded', but is also a common ending of boys' names. Nara comes from the Nara prefecture in Japan, as well as Nara ko-en, a park in that prefecture that is famous for the deer there whose antlers are used for medicine.
Age: 12 initially, 15 after timeskip, 17 for Poly timeline (b/c Hina-mun likes her charries to be legal)
Hair Colour: Black.
Eye Colour: Dark brown.
Special Abilities: Shika comes from a family of shadow-manipulators, so most of his jutsu have that aspect to them. In addition, he is a brilliant strategist and a genius with an IQ of 200. This had earned him the reputation of always being "200 steps ahead".
Rank: Chuunin, Academy instructor, Exam proctor, Niju Shotai member.
Birthday: September 22
Favourite Food: Mackeral and kelp
Hobbies: Napping, shogi, cloud-watching.
Series: Naruto
Jutsu Listing
*As I have altered his character slightly so that he is older for the Poly timeline, the following list is an amalgamation of both canon and non-canon things.*
Kage Mane(Shadow Imitation): Shika's primary jutsu. Using his shadow, he can extend it to connect with the shadow of his opponent. Once caught in his jutsu, he can control the movements of the opponent, who must mimic him.
Kage Kubishibari(Shadow Neck-bind): Used in conjunction with the Kage Mane, this jutsu allows Shika to form a pair of hands from his shadow that will reach up and strangle his opponent.
Kage Nui(Shadow Stitching): Shika can form his shadow into numerous tendrils that will rise off of the ground and either impale or wrap around something.
Kage Kabetate(Shadow Shieldwall): This jutsu allows Shika to form his shadow into a shield capable of deflecting even a thrown weapon such as a kunai. Though powerful, it requires intense concentration, and does not act independently of Shika's willpower.
Kage Ontei(Shadow Step): With this jutsu, Shika can merge his form with that of his shadow, effectively teleporting from one shadow to the next. His most chakra-intensive move, he seldom uses it more then once or twice at a time.

Shikamaru is one of the students who graduated in the same class as Naruto. He was placed into Genin team 10 along with Yamanaka Ino and Akimichi Chouji, and put under the tutelege of Sarutobi Asuma. Shika tends to be a rather lazy person, always commenting on how "troublesome" things are. He and his team are the second generation "InoShikaChou" trio, their fathers' team having been the first. During the Chuunin exam preliminaries, Shika was the only one of his team to make it to the main matches after using his intellect and Kage Mane to defeat Tsuchi Kin of Otogakure. Despite the fact that his match to Temari was a loss due to his giving up at the end, his intelligence and strategy impressed the judges such that Shikamaru was the only one of the group who was promoted to Chuunin. Almost immediately after his promotion, Shika was put in charge of a rescue mission to retrieve Uchiha Sasuke from the Sound. Taking a team of 4 genin composed of Hyuuga Neji, Akimichi Chouji, Uzumaki Naruto, and Inuzuka Kiba, he set off after Sasuke. The mission itself would prove to be a failure, as each member split off and faced down one of the Sound Four on their own. Shika took the failure rather hard, feeling as though he had let down his friends. That mission haunts him to this day, though he wouldn't admit it to anyone. After the timeskip, he is still a Chuunin, though he is also serving as a proctor for the Chuunin exam as well as an instructor at the Academy. When the Akatsuki are mobilizing, Shika is revealed to be part of the Niju Shotai, a special military division dedicated to tracking and engaging Akatsuki. Along with Sarutobi Asuma, Hagane Kotetsu, and Kamizuki Izumo, Shikamaru's team engaged Hidan and Kakuzu with disastrous results as Asuma nearly fell victim to Hidan's curse jutsu. Over the course of the last few years, Shika has developed feelings for his teammate, Yamanaka Ino. This turn of events is further complicated by the fact that his best friend, Akimichi Chouji, also has feelings for her. Shika, feeling torn, has vowed to step back and not interfere with Chouji's love for Ino. However, now that Ino feels she is driving a wedge between them, the team is fragmented and seperated for the time-being.
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